University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

ALQurayyat Community College

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Department of Applied Medical Sciences


To contribute to the promotion of health services in the Saudi Arabia community through:

  1. producing qualified professionals with the ability to compete internationally in applied medical professions,
  2. Creating an environment that encourages learning and creativity.
  3. Producing scientific research that contributes to  knowledge in Applied Medical Sciences.

     1. To provide academic programs that meet the standards and requirements of quality and academic accreditation.


  1. To prepare highly qualified health care professionals.


  1. To provide academic and administrative environment that encourages learning, productivity and creativity.


  1. To support performing and publishing applied Medical research that contribute to knowledge in the area.


  1. To cooperate with reputable institutions in the field of Applied Medical Sciences.


  1. To effectively contribute to community services and development.


Department Program

Providing Computer science program