SDC Objectives

    Defining the training needs of faculty members and staff, and design professional development programs for them.

Transferring good experiences and best practices in various fields of training and development for faculty members, managers, staff, students, and harmonize their application and utilization at the university.

Preparing special training packages for the development and improvement of the skills and abilities of the faculty members, administrators and students, according to priorities.

Preparing, organizing internal and external training courses and workshops.

Suggesting various methods to improve students' skills and abilities to learn.

Cooperating with the corresponding centers in the universities locally and internationally to exchange experiences.

Preparing and developing trainers from within the university.

Evaluation of the training programs offered by the Center and measuring the impact of the results of the training programs on the actual work.

Providing specialized training rooms that are equipped with the latest training techniques.

Proposing the development of test systems and ways of evaluating students for continuous improvement.

Training on the use of modern teaching tools and techniques.

Proposing plans and policies, and providing consultations that contribute to the development of performance for all areas of university work.

Conducting research studies that contribute to the improvement of academic performance.

Proposing the application of modern administrative methods in all sectors of the university to improve the quality of performance.

Proposing the development of programs and curricula on the basis of modern scientific, and developing plans and strategies for teaching.