SDC Director

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you all
I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Skills Development Center-SDC at Jouf University, which targets all the university's staff , faculty members, administrators, technicians, students at all levels of study.
The Jouf University, represented by the University's Vice-Rectorate for Development and Quality which focuses on the development and improvement of performance in all areas of the university, established the SDC center as one of the University's developmental projects to improve the performance of the university's staff and faculty members and students in the educational, administrative, academic and technical fields.
This site will be the electronic bridge between the Center and the employees, staff, and students of the university to familiarize them with all the services provided by the center such as programs, training courses, development studies and workshops for the beneficiaries and provide them with the opportunity to register and evaluate programs, as well as provide results and statistics for research and surveys conducted by the Center.
We ask Allah to help all of us and we hope to benefit from your opinions and suggestions to develop the plans and training programs at the Center as well as the performance of the Center and its employees in general.


Director of Skills Development Center

Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Alali