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الدليل التعريفي للمركز



About SDC


The Skills Development Center is one of the university's developmental projects to improve the performance of the university staff in the fields of education, administration, academic, technical and general fields. The center targets all the university's employees, including faculty members, administrators, undergraduate students, graduate students and technicians.
The center has been equipped with 6 training rooms suitable for various training purposes, providing an integrated computer lab for electronic training and training in technical and computer programs. The training halls will be enough for more than 120 trainees at the same time.
The SDC center will provide all the employees of the university with the possibility of communicating and interacting with the training courses and programs that will be held in the center realistically and electronically throughout the academic year through the website of the center and electronic forums affiliated to it later, God willing, and the means of social communication of the center.


Computer Lab- Training Room 4

Training Room 3

Training Room 2

Training Room 1