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Vice Rector

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Vice Rector's Messsage


The Vice Rectorate plays a significant role in implementing the university strategic plan and its  achieving objectives. The rectorate is constantly committed to providing an inspiring and convenient atmosphere that promotes excellence in education outcomes and sets the platform for transformation to the economy of knowledge. The end result of these efforts is to create qualified national cadres   that meet the requirements and needs of the labor market.  To this end , the university should improve its academic programs in accordance with international standards in quality assurance and academic accreditation.

Recognizing the importance of popular participation and sharing of knowledge and expertise, the university strives to open more venues for cooperation with the local community as well as other universities and research centers at both national and international levels. This means that we have to produce qualified and skillful individuals for the labor market and the overall development of our country.

In line with our strategic plan, we are determined to apply the concept of 'electronic administration' in the different units of the university. That is , all transactions and communications within the university will be electronically conducted (i.e., correspondence, students registration, e. learning). The objective is to introduce  total transparency, accountability, and efficiency leading to better governance in the university.

Inspired by vision 2030, the university with all its components, will continue making tremendous  efforts for a bright future full of academic achievements .