University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

 Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Leadership and excellence to promote scientific research to enable the University to play a distinct cavity in contributing to community service and leadership of the march of scientific research and the development of civilization in the region north of the Kingdom.


Providing an enabling environment and appropriate support to develop a nucleus for scientific research to contribute to the promotion and development of the leading role of universities in the development of solutions to the problems of society and the environment in general and the homeland of Al Jouf Region special contribution in advancing the march of progress in the Kingdom.


1. Provide material and moral support to encourage faculty members to conduct scientific research and publication in the dissemination of distinct vessels locally and globally.

2. Encourage faculty members to participate in international conferences to help promote the name of the Jouf University  and the Kingdom of the world.

3. The active participation of faculty members in the development of society.

4. Channels of supervision to conduct joint scientific research with universities and specialized research bodies within and outside the Kingdom.