Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research



The Government of Saudi Arabia considers scientific research a top priority agenda. The government has provided strong support for academic institutions to conduct ground breaking research in all fields of investigation to help develop the kingdom at all levels. In line with this approach...


Vision Mission and Objectives


Leadership and excellence to promote scientific research to enable the University to play a distinct cavity in contributing to community service



Providing an enabling environment and appropriate support to develop a nucleus for scientific research to contribute to the promotion 





  1. Provide material and moral support to encourage faculty members to conduct scientific research and publication in the dissemination of distinct vessels locally and globally.
  2. Encourage faculty members to participate in international conferences to help promote the name of the Jouf University  and the Kingdom of the world.


Director's Message

Vice Rector Message

In the name of of Allah the Merciful Praise be to Allaah.

Electronic communication is one of the most important features of the modern century, which can not be dispensed with in the light of the technical revolution that is today's approach


Latest News

أخبار الوكالة

المختبر المركز بجامعة الجوف يختتم ورشة عمل جهاز الرنين المغناطيسي (NMR) لطلبة الدراسات العليا

برعاية الأميرة مضاوي بنت سعود بن عبدالله: جامعة الجوف تعقد الثاني تمثيل دور المرأة السعودية في تنمية المجتمع

برعاية حرم أمير المنطقة: جامعة الجوف تفتتح المؤتمر الثاني دور المرأة السعودية في تنمية المجتمع