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 Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research



The sixth annual meeting of scientific research and publishing was held under supervision and sponsorship of Jouf university rector.

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Jouf University Rector Prof. Ismael Albishri has sponsored and supervised the sixth annual meeting for scientific research and publishing, and awarded honours to winners

The meeting was organized by the University Vice Rector for Graduate Student and Scientific Research with the attendance of university vice rectors and deans of all faculties and deanships.

The event has started with Prof. Albishri tour with the company of the university guests from King Abdullah city for science and technology, along with the Saudi digital library, where they witnessed the commentary on the current scientific research projects, they attended the contents of the commentary speeches which reflects an important side of the scientific research inside the university

Afterwards the speeches have begun as Prof. Albishri greeted all guests participating in this event and speakers, he presented his gratitude for all researchers participating, asking them all to invest this massive support from the university for the scientific research and seeking more perfection through this field assuring that the government under the rule of his majesty King Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz and his crown prince has afforded all requirements for the educational and higher education sector as an evidence of their sincere belief in the importance of this sector in the social development

University vice-rector Prof. Nagm Alhussini has presented a speech which included all the major milestones of the scientific research journey all over the past years as numbers indicates the rise of the numbers as a result for the financial fund dedicated to the researches and its levels and the ratio of the newly published researches which apply for awards annually.

After that Prof. Albishri honoured meeting guests from outside university and awarded winners in the fields of scientific researches and publishing prizes.

Afterwards a group of accompanying lectures was presented which included the services and the current projects of the Saudi Digital libraries related to the scientific research support, presented by Mr Youssef Aleid development and strategy manager of the Saudi Digital Library, then Mr Jamal AlFaisaly from the general administration of research scholarships in King Abdullah City for science and technology gave a lecture under the name: foundation project.

Then there was a lecture given by Maeen network service manager Mr Abdul-Aziz Al Qarni about the Saudi network for research and innovation Maeen and its service within this field, and then another lecture by Mr. Baraa Al Yamani from the general administration of research scholarships in King Abdullah City for science and technology about their role in supporting scientific research and its improvement.

Finally, research winner Dr Sayed Bukhary from the faculty of pharmacy gave a lecture under the name "how to be an international researcher, the future of successful research".