Vice Rectorate for Educational  Affairs


Establishment of Vice-Rectorate

The University’s Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs was established according to the Higher Education Council’s Decision No. 11/36/1426 dated on 25/10/1426.

Vision and Mission


Excellence and leadership in higher education and community partnership.


The University's Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs seeks to offer academic programs of high quality that meet the needs of the labor market through improving the academic performance of the faculty members, creating an effective educational and academic environment, and achieving a quality community partnership in line with the ambitious Vision 2030.

  • Adherence to the Islamic law principles
  • Leadership and excellence
  • Community accountability & sustainable development
  • Originality and creativity
  • Scientific integrity
  • Academic freedom
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Continuous development and improvement.
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Justice and equality.
Vice-Rectorate' s Goals
  1. To create an educational and academic environment that can achieve creativity and excellence by preparing students scientifically and practically in accordance with the needs of the labor market, and by developing the performance of the faculty members in line with the latest technological developments at all fields.
  2. To develop the existing academic programs and course plans in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and the necessities of modern times.
  3. To develop programs of distance learning, e-learning, parallel education, affiliation, and qualifying diplomas.
  4. To cooperate academically with various local, regional, and international leading universities and scientific institutions in order to promote the quality level of the educational outputs, and to develop the academic structures in order to enable the effective management of colleges and scientific departments.
  5. To develop all required skills of the faculty and staff and to recruit new outstanding employees at various fields so that the university can achieve its educational, research and service mission effectively.
  6. To carry out an effective community partnership through activating the communication channels with relevant civil society organizations.
Vice-Rectorate' Tasks
  1. Implementing the university’s broad policy relevant to the educational and academic field.
  2. Supervising all academic and administrative units and supporting all deanships, and working on raising the efficiency of their performance in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the university.
  3. Developing the existing programs and plans in line with the requirements of the labor market.
  4. Assisting the academic units and supporting deanships in providing an educational and academic environment that promotes the improvement of educational and academic performance at the university.
  5. Proposing projects and developmental programs for all associated units.
  6. Overseeing all student affairs at the university (admission & registration policy, social, cultural and sports activities and student services).
  7. Identifying and solving all educational and academic problems, and working on instilling the sense of loyalty to the university among its various parties (faculty members, students, employees).
  8. Unifying and standardizing of models, forms and procedures related to the educational and academic aspects for all university’s academic units.
  9. Evaluating and developing the academic and educational performance of the faculty.
  10. Providing classrooms and laboratories, and equipping them with different technological means that promote the performance of the teaching process and improve its quality level.
  11. Preparing the annual achievement reports for all associated units at the vice-rectorate, following up their implementation, submitting them to His Excellency, the Rector of the University, and following up all related issued decisions and instructions.
  12. Implementing all assigned tasks as per instructions of his Excellency, the Rector.