Establishment of the Vice Rectorate:
The University Vice Rectorate for Quality and Development was established in 1434 A.H, after the approval of the Higher Education Council in its (Seventy Second) session held on 4/6/1434 AH. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – may Allah have mercy on him – has approved the minutes of the meeting by telegraph No. 42418 and the date of 2/11/1434 AH.

Vice Rectorate Leadership:
- Dr. Osama bin Hassan Arif, has been assigned as the Vice Rector for Quality and Development on 16/4/1439 H until 3/3/1442 H.
- Dr. Hisham bin Abdullah Al-Jilani, has been assigned as Deputy of the Vice Rectorate for Quality and Development on 14/3/1435 H until 13/3/1438 H.

Vision Mission and Objectives


To be one of the best universities in the world.


Achieving quality, excellence and continuous development for all sectors of the university.

Strategic Objectives:
1. Making the University's performance consistent with the standards of the National Commission for Quality and Academic Accreditation.
2. Continual development and quality assurance in all sectors of the university.
3. The existence of an integrated strategic plan for the university, colleges, deanships and academic programs.

Operational Objectives:
1. Achieving institutional accreditation.
2. Application of academic program accreditation standards in all academic programs of the University.
3. Implementation of the total quality standards in all sectors of the university.
4. Attendance of 20% of the faculty and university staff for at least one course in abilities development annually.
5. Success in implementing the strategic plan of the university by at least 85%.

Organizational Structure


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