Abdulaziz bin Abdulkareem Al-swilam
e-mail : aalswilam@gmail.com
Phone : 014-654-2611

Position : secretary

Vice Rector for Quality and Development
Phone : 014-654-2600

Deanship : University Vice Rectorate for Quality and Development
Position : Vice Rector for Quality and Development

Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Wardi

Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Wardi
e-mail : aswardi@ju.edu.sa
Phone : 014-654-2610

Degree : M.A.
Degree Institute : King Saud University

Position : Office Manager
General specialty : Education technologies

Omar bin Qayd Alrashid

Omar bin Qayd Alrashid
e-mail : oalrashid@ju.edu.sa
Phone : 014-654-2612

Position : manager assistant


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