Deanship of Student Affairs

Dean's Message

All the praise and thanks be to God who is the Lord of the universe, peace and blessing be upon the master of all messengers. The role of the university is not restricted to education and giving lectures. It is extended to producing creative and innovative graduates in different fields of study and walks of life. The Saudi Universities in general and Jouf University in particular have therefore provided a variety of activities for their students (i.e., cultural, social, sports, inspection). Jouf University makes great efforts trying to maximize the opportunities for the students, including the students with special needs, to participate significantly in all of the activities provided in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision. The main objective of these activities is to secure a health environment for the students to develop their talents and skills in a way that  contributes to the development of our nation. Te Deanship of Students Affair has shouldered this great responsibility saving no efforts  to achieve the objectives set by the government and the university administration.

In addition to the objectives mentioned above, the Deanship promotes the culture of dialogue , tolerance , respect for others, and cooperation among the students through its various activities. May God Almighty bless our country and University.