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Jouf University towards Obtaining Academic Accreditation

His Highness the Rector of Jouf University Dr. Ismail bin Muhammed Albashrim has signed a contract with the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation to carry out the academic accreditation project on the institutional as well as the program levels. The Center was represented by its executive manager Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya Aljabili, and the ceremony was attended by His Highness the Vice-chancellor for Development and Quality. Dr. Osama bin Hasan Arif, the vice-chancellors, and a number of managers.

High Highness the University Rector, Dr. Albashri, highlighted the importance of cooperation between the University and the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation being the responsible body for evaluating institutions and teaching programs in Saudi Arabia. The cooperation is also important for the University to benefit from the Center’s capabilities and experiences to complete the activities of the institutional and program evaluation on the University level and its academic programs. Dr. Albashri expressed his appreciation for the Center and the people in charge for the significant effort they have been exerting to promote the quality of educational institutions in the kingdom. He noted to Jouf University’s keenness to obtain the institutional and program accreditation from the Center and the concerned national and international bodies in order to guarantee its quality and meet the standards of academic accreditation as well as promote the level of learning at the University.

The Vice-chancellor for Development and Quality, Dr. Osama bin Hasan Arif, clarified that this contract represented the culmination of the efforts exerted by all employees to obtain the academic accreditation on its institutional and program levels. He also maintained that the contracts include carrying out assessment according to the standards of the Center, holding the necessary training courses, and providing all administrative services and technical support needed for the assessment process.

Dr. Arif said that they University represented by the Vice-Chancellery for Development and Quality has taken this year several steps to improve the quality of its learning outcomes in the domain of institutional as well as the program accreditation in the University in terms of managing the quality and improving it in the University. Some of the most important steps taken by the University are activating the internal systems to guarantee quality at the faculties and deanships; following-up with the execution of the strategic plan and its projects within the period set in the strategic plan; and developing the study programs and modules building. In addition to beginning to implement the procedures of preparing self-study, the University took other steps including meeting the standards of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation and providing the necessary data and statistics through the indicators of performance and referential comparison.

The cooperation between the University and the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation has been in place for years pertaining to the training programs and workshops provided by the Center in addition to exchanging visits to improve the development and enhance the teaching process at the University to reach the academic accreditation according to the Center’s standards and regulations. This cooperation will continue until the accreditation is obtained on the institutional and program levels for the various programs of the University.



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