Deanship of Quality Academic Accreditation


The Beginning of the Institutional Self-study of Jouf University

Based on the decision of the University Rector on forming a committee to develop the institutional self-study to meet the standards of academic accreditation, the first meeting of the committee was held on Tuesday morning, 27/05/1439 AH. The committee members consists of representatives from different sectors at the University, and the meeting discussed the following topics:

  1. The working mechanism for the committee;
  2. Reviewing the models used to develop the self-study report;
  3. Beginning to work on the actual stages of developing the self-study.

His Highness the Vice-Chancellor for Development and Quality urged all member to exert the maximum efforts to accomplish the self-study report to meet the requirements of the academic accreditation.

Forms of the National Institution for Academic Accreditation


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