Deanship of Quality Academic Accreditation


Meeting of the follow-up committee of strategic plan implementation:

In view of instructians of his excellency Dr: Osama Hasan Arif

Vice – president for development and quality and the Dean of the deanship of quality and  academic accreditation, held on Thursday 27/08/1440 , 02/05/2019, meeting for follow-up committee to Implement the strategic plan that presided over by his excellency Dr: Fayadh Alanazi, Deputy dean of quality and  academic accreditation.

To discuss achievements, reports of the strategic plan for the deanship for the year 2019.
the committee discussed the percentage of progress on the level of activities and outputs of the plan. Also, performance indicators during this year, the committee came up with recommendations to guarantee the achivement target percentages, the next year. 2019/2020

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