Deanship of Human Resources

Vision & Mission and Objectives

Vision :

Creating a convenient supportive environment for the academic and social life within the university , which secures provision of high quality services for the faculty members, staff and students.

Mission :

Striving to create an excellent system of administration with a high standard performance by recruiting outstanding academic and administrative cadres and facilitating work procedures.

 Objectives :

  • Recruitment of high caliber faculty members and making all efforts possible to develop their capacities.
  • Securing attractive work environment for the faculty and staff.
  • Adhering to quality standards and requirements in all of the services provided by the deanship.
  • Providing convenient accommodation , health care and entertainment activities for the faculty members.
  • Upgrading the capacities of the deanship staff by in services training , ( I.e., workshops , seminars) to enable them provide high quality service to the faculty members and staff.