Deanship of Graduate Studies

Tasks of the deanship of graduate studies

  1. Proposing general policies for postgraduate studies, coordinating graduate programs in all faculties and institutes in the university, and supervising the implementation of the programs after approval
  2. Proposing internal regulations for organizing graduate studies (in coordination with the scientific departments)
  3. Proposing conditions of admission to graduate studies.
  4. Recommending the approval of updated programs after being harmonized with existing programs.
  5. Recommending the approval of new programs and amendments to the old ones.
  6. Recommending the titles of higher certificates in Arabic and English based on a recommendation from the concerned College Councils.
  7. Recommending the award of Degrees.
  8. Deciding on all students affairs related to graduate studies
  9. Forming committees for theses supervision and defense scientific.
  10. Setting the general framework of the research plan, the rules governing theses writing, layout and submission
  11. Evaluating graduate programs at the University on a regular basis using specialized committees or bodies within or outside the university.
  12. Studying the periodical reports of the university scientific departments.
  13.  Giving advice to the rector or the university council regarding graduate studies