Training program for High Achieving students:

Training program for High Achieving students:


A training program launched by the Deanship of Common  first year of for the academic year 1439/1440 H in order to motivate students to excellence, and instill the spirit competition from the first steps in their academic career, through rewarding  High Achieving students through

external during the summer semester where they are sent to a developed country (UK, USA, Australia) to strengthen their English language skills. The Deanship aims to continuously develop the program by organizing visits to distinguished engineering and technical companies or institutions as well as prestigious hospitals and health centers.


Mechanisms for Student Selection:

Top students are selected to benefit from the training program in accordance with specific controls set by the Deanship in order to achieve justice in the selection.

 Advantages of the training program:

The Deanship covers all organizational matters and financial expenses of the students selected during all stages of the training program

Students benefiting from the program in previous years:

Academic year

A list of the names of male and female students

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