Schedule of the final exams for semester 1 (1441/1442 AH)   

Exam's  instructions 

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Retake Exam Table for Students whom their excuses are accepted

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the dean of the Common First yearDr. Ziyad bin Awad Al-Ruwaili follows-up  the examination process and inspect the halls to make sure of full  compliance with the  health precautionary measures  and procedures

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Dear students, 

Click here to find out how to obtain the necessary information to attend the midterm exam in the Deanship building: (period, hall, seating number),

Note that the midterm exam schedule was announced on the website...

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The Deanship of the Common  First Year / Exam Unit announces the Midterm exam schedule for the first semester of the academic year 1441/1442 AH. 

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The Common First  Year deanship actively participates in community service through training courses organized by the community service and Continuous Education Deanship at Al-Jouf University

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The speech of the vice dean of the Common First year, Dr.Saad Bin Awad Alruwaili, on the dear memory of the Glory National Day 90

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