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Dear students,

Assalamu Alaikum

The mission of the department is to prepare a distinguished university student in personal and life skills through his ability to continuously self-study inside and outside the university, to rediscover his abilities and skills and to develop new skills that will help him move forward in his academic and public life and solve his problems and challenges. And help him to communicate with the members of his community, and his ability to practice all types of thinking at different levels of higher, and meet the requirements of the age, and develop the ability to scientific research accurate using all available technical capabilities, and effective communication skills that enable N achieve adaptation to the surrounding social environment and its ability to successfully communicate with himself and others, and to work within the spirit of one team, and the development of volunteer work skills including back to the community benefit, in addition to the preparation of cadres specialized in training, supervision and scientific research work in the field of self-development.

Dr.Bassam Fahd



Preparing a university student with skills competing locally, regionally and globally.



Provide students with academic and life skills that help them complete their studies and social life.



  • Helping students with university regulations
  • Preparing the student to adapt to the university environment
  • Giving students the skills of thinking
  • Providing students with communication skills
  • Developing the student's ability to be creative and innovative
  • Developing the social responsibility of the student
  • Instilling the values ​​of belonging to the student
  • Providing the student with the skills of scientific research
  • Prepare the student for university life


  • Course of Thinking Skills and Learning Methods (PYPC 001)
  • Communication Skills and Occupational Health Education (HPECS 002)
  • University Life Skills Course (EDU 001) 


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