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In the name of Allah … Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah:

Dear students, we welcome you to the Department of Basic Sciences at Common First Year Deanship, Jouf University, and I hope that God Almighty grants you success.

The Department of Basic Sciences is the cornerstone of the medical and engineering tracks. It is the main pillar that clarifies the scientific basics and facilitates the understanding of many scientific theories and applications in your advanced studies related to your majors. In order to rise to an integrated academic level, a group of scientific courses in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, have been set. These courses are being taught by a group of the best qualified scientific cadres from the faculty members to provide the maximum degree of scientific knowledge using all available modern educational methods that are no longer an option, but rather a strategic necessity to qualify the human cadres to get you to leadership.

 I am also pleased to invite you to learn about everything related to the Department of Basic Sciences by browsing our website to review our study programs and the most important news and updates we have.

In conclusion, we look forward to hearing your suggestions and comments on everything that contributes to the development of the department through e-mail:


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