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Chairman's Speech

We welcome you to the Department of Basic Sciences at the Deanship of the Common First Year, Jouf University. We hope that the Deanship of the Common First Year will be the beginning of a distinguished university study full of information and skills that achieve meaningful learning in the coming years of university.

One of the tasks of the Department of Basic Sciences is to provide the students in the Deanship of the Common First Year by some of the basic skills in:  computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry and biology to help him to continue university studies. And to create positive attitudes towards different sciences through the provision of distinguished teaching by members of the Highly qualified teachers who are supported by the latest teaching methods in the classrooms, ensuring an excellent learning environment and the optimal utilization of the means of technology as enriching resources for learning. This will contribute to the student's self-learning skills through various electronic media including video annotation (YouTube), distance learning, interactive learning, assignments, exercises and tests available on the Deanship website to achieve the mission of the department.

I am also pleased as a supervisor of the Department of Basic Sciences to receive your comments and suggestions that contribute to the development of the educational process via e-mail:


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid Mohamed Ahmed


Leadership and academic excellence in the teaching of the principles of basic science by providing an excellent educational environment for the rehabilitation of students for university study.



The Department seeks to develop the basic scientific skills of students to pursue their university studies through modern teaching methods that depend on interaction and positive participation.



  1. Emphasizing the commitment of students and faculty members to the principles of discipline within the department and the Deanship.
  2. Preparing students scientifically in basic science courses to pursue their university studies with distinction.
  3. Developing students' abilities and developing them to solve problems using the scientific method of thinking.
  4. Encouraging students and helping them to participate effectively in the various activities of the department and to integrate positively in the university community.
  5. Developing students' awareness of social responsibility.
  6. Developing basic science curricula in coordination with university faculties to meet the needs of these colleges.
  7. Working on the dissemination and quality control department.


  1. Introduction to Mathematics (MTH 101)
  2. Differential Calculation (MTH 102)
  3. Biostatistics Course (MTH 103)
  4. Computer Skills (CIS 101)
  5. Programming and Problem Solving (CIS 102)
  6. Introduction to Chemistry (CHM 103)
  7. Biology Course (BIO 103)
  8. Medical Physics Course (PHS 103)



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