Deanship Council




Dr. Ziyad Awadh Alrowaili

Dean of the Deanship of the first year


Dr. Abdul Rahman  Hamdan 

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Wafa bint Fahd Al Sarhani

Vice-President of the first year of the Saskaka


Vice-Dean of the first year in Al-Qurayyat

Dr.. Bassam Fahad Al-Rasheed

Self Development Skills

Dr. Hammad Ali Al Shammari

Head of English Language Skills

Dr.  Ahmed Abdel Hamid Mohamed

Supervisor of Basic Science Department

Tasks of the Council:

  • Drawing the general policies of the Deanship.
  • Taking organizational decisions to work in the Deanship.
  • Periodic review of the strategic plan of the Deanship and its objectives in light of the results achieved.
  • Implementing and following up the implementation of the regulations of the Deanship
  • Adoption of the final results of the tests of students of the Deanship.
  • Studying any new programs, projects or initiatives related to the duties and responsibilities of the Deanship.
  • Approving such programs, projects or initiatives.
  • Raising issues to the higher bodies of the University for Adoption.
  • Supervising its implementation.
  • Forming committees and task forces, defining their tasks and following up their work.
  • Following up the work of the Deanship's units and review their annual reports.


The Council meets periodically on a regular basis at the invitation of its President and may be invited by the President to convene in a special session when necessary or at the request of one-third of its members.

The Council shall complete the quorum, which is the presence of half or more of its members, and shall issue its decision by majority Which shall be valid only with the approval of the Rector.



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