Deanship Administration

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Excellence in the preparation of a learning and management environment attractive and stimulating, according to the standards of disciplined and measured performance indicators


Providing advanced administrative and technical services for faculty members, students and visitors in the first common year Deanship through a stimulating work environment and an integrated work system.


  • Application of university regulations.
  • Providing a distinctive educational and administrative work environment.
  • Organizing administrative work and working in a team spirit.
  • Increase productivity and quality in services provided to faculty members, students and visitors


  • Supervise the application of the administrative and financial regulations and regulations at the university.
  • Reporting directly to all the staff of the Deanship.
  • Supervision and follow-up of the administrative work of all the units.
  • Supervising and securing the Deanship's purchases from urgent requirements.
  • Supervising the work related to the applications of the contractors in the Deanship, regarding passports (residence, visas and tickets).
  • Supervise the facilities of the Deanship with the relevant authorities and develop maintenance and cleanliness plans.
  • Organizing the regular leave for the staff of the Deanship from administrators, technicians, employees and workers.



Sakaka (Male section):

Name Job Title Degree
Fares Jabir El-solami Head of the administration of CFY Bsc in computer science
Nasser Harthm Matar Rwaili Exchange Supervisor Bsc  in Islamic stydies
Qasim Radi Al Ahmad Clerk middle School certificate
Tarek Saleh El-Falah Invertory Clerk high school certificate
Khlef El-Shomari Clerk high school certificate

Sakaka (Female Section):

Name Job Titمe  Degree
Aidah Fahad Al -Habad Head of the administration of CFY (Female section) Bsc in Arabic language
Gazwa Hashash El-Awaidah Exams research Diploma in Arabic ans Social studies
Farah Mefreh El-swilem Secretary Bsc in Islamic stydies
Rabiaa Hasan E-Hizan Academic  Researcher Bsc in Islamic stydies
Nouf Kholif El-Anaazy Secretary Diploma (Administration Institute)
Nawal Ateq El-Shomari Administration communications high school certificate

Qwrayat (Female Section):

Name Job Title Degree
Hamda Fahd El-Rwili Head of the administration of CFY (Female section) Bsc in Islamic stydies
Jawahir Mohamad Zaydan Secretary Home economic studies
Hamida slaim El-Sharari communication Clerk middle School certificate
Noya Rki El-Anazi Administrative Assistant Home economic studies
Wafaa Ali El-Sharari Administrative Assistant Bsc














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