University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

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Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values


Achieving academic excellence by preparing students for university study in accordance with the disciplined standards measured by performance indicators.


Providing advanced educational services that will develop the students’ cognitive aspects and skills in balanced proportion and within an academic environment that stimulates students’ learning and creativity qualifying them to join the specialized colleges.


  • Help students to know university regulations and systems.
  • Prepare students to adapt to the university environment.
  • Development of the cognitive skills of students in English, basic sciences and computer.
  • Enabling students to think, search and communicate.
  • Developing students' abilities to choose the appropriate specialization for their orientation, abilities and labor market needs.
  • Creating a stimulating knowledge environment that helps students to excel and innovate.
  • Promote students' awareness of social responsibility.


  • Quality in performance.
  • Teamwork.