Deanship in the service of society

Based on the university’s mission in community service and the message of the Deanship that emanated from it, and in order to interact with the local community and provide services to it within the framework of the Deanship’s capabilities and strengths in it, the Deanship of the first year provided a number of services to the local community in Al-Jouf region, the most important of which are:

Launching the International English Language IELTS Test (General / Academic) for the first time in Al-Jouf Region, according to the partnership  with the university and IDP-IELTS.

- Providing courses directed to the community through the Deanship of Community Service at the university: The Deanship prepared a training program for a number of courses directed to the community and sent to the Deanship of Community Service and these courses are being implemented according to the specified schedule

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