Electronic advisory services in the Deanship of Common First Year:

The Deanship of Common First year is the student's gate for entering the university life and the first step in his university career. Therefore, the Deanship of Common First  year represented by the Academic and Student Guidance Unit pays a lot of attention to the task of academic and student guidance in the Deanship, and in this framework, the unit  takes advantage of modern technologies in the cloud computing and communication. The Internet has developed a number of electronic services in academic and student counseling. During the academic year 1441/1440 AH, the Deanship launched Service Ask Me and my two e-mentors to answer common inquiries for students and to receive students' problems and work to solve them. The details of these two services are as follows: 

Ask Me service:

An electronic guiding service that aims to answer common and frequent questions and inquiries (FAQs) for male and female students in the Deanship of Common First Year quickly and easily and at any time and from anywhere through electronic communication, and benefit from cloud computing services.The student in the Deanship can use the service Ask Me easily, through the service hyperlink, which was announced to the student through all the deanship communication channels - the Deanship's website, the Twitter account of the Deanship, the blackboard, the advertising screens in the Deanship's lobby - where the student enters the question which wants it through a specialized electronic guidance form prepared by the unit and then sends the question. After that, the student's question is answered by the supervisor of the Academic  Advising Unit through the following channels: Email, mobile, visit the classroom, or the academic adviser in the branch. 

The students in the Deanship of Common First Year can use this service through the following link Ask Me

2- My Adviser program:

An electronic guiding service that aims to assist male and female students to seek specialized advice from specialists in the academic counseling unit for any problem (academic, educational, behavioral, psychological, social, family, etc.) that confront them quickly and easily through cloud computing services. The problems sent are studied in a professional and confidential manner, and the case is monitored through individual private interviews with the student concerned and the work of counseling sessions (preventive and remedial) according to the case by the adviser. The student can also benefit from this service easily with the announced service link through all the deanship's communication channels.Deanship of the Common First Year can use this service through the following link My Adviser.

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