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Management training and scholarship

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Scholarship Conditions

  • To be a Saudi citizen
  • To spend at least one year of service in the university after appointment
  • 30 years old maximum for teaching assistants and 35 years old for lecturers and university council has the authority to make exceptions
  • A Female applicant needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Have an offer letter for language study
  • Have an offer letter for a degree (Master or PhD) from a university recognized by the ministry of Education (To see a full list of recognized universities, check the following link: )


  • Submitting scholarship application to department chair to be processed by the department council, college council and then The Permanent Committee for Training and Scholarships. 
  • Successful applications are issued a scholarship letter prior study commencement date.
  • Passports and visas shall be presented to the Administration of Training and Scholarships to issue scholarship letter.


Employee Training:

  • To be a Saudi citizen
  • To spend at least two years of service in the university after appointment
  • To meet training conditions
  • To have a good language proficiency of the language used in the intended training course
  • The course has to be of relevance to the employee's job
  • To have excellent score in the annual job assessment for the last two years
  • Approval from the direct manager
  • Every employee can apply for one training course every two years.
  • To submit training application at least 1 month prior course commencement date