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Terms and conditions


 Terms and conditions for using network and computer resources at Jouf University


  1. Use of computers and computer files requires a prior permission.
  2. 2. Users are responsible for the proper use of all the resources allocated to them
  3. Users must take the necessary precautions to protect their accounts information, including passwords.
  4. All users issued a University-owned computer must use the device as imaged. Alterations to the image are not supported and may pose a security risk to the information stored in the device.
  5. Users of the network comply with all of the rules and conditions such as copyright, licensing agreements and contracts.
  6. The University does not monitor or limit the content of the information transmitted on its network. It reserves the right to obtain and review information under certain conditions. These include: deviations for the terms and conditions of the use, problems with the system, and violation of the university policy.
  7. Employees of Information Technology must not get access to the personal computers for maintenance work without permission from the concerned official.