University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community


  1. Supervising and coordinating the related departments to ensure the integration of their activities and make maximum use of the available resources
  2. Supervising the implementation of the approved regulations and instructions
  3. Coordinating with the relevant departments of the university which is related to preparation and implementation of annual plans and budget in the field of information technology, and follow-up implementation after approval
  4. Preparation of studies for the expansion of information technology in the university
  5. Study the development of systems, software, databases, and internal and external communication networks
  6. Preparation of technical specifications for IT projects
  7. Preparation and development of programs and systems related to daily work
  8. Providing technical support for all departments of the university and solving all problems facing them in this field
  9. Supervising the backup system and the preservation for retrieval the databases of the internal regulations of the University, and ensure their integrity.