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University Campus

Al-Jawf region is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the neighboring Jordan Kingdom border. Al-Jawf area is occupied of about 107,794 km2, or about 4.9% of the total area of the Kingdom. Al-Jouf University serves four major cities in the region of Al-Jawf namely: Sakaka, Domat Al-Janda, Tabarjal and Gurayaat.

Al-Jouf University is located on the leading regional road east to Sakaka city by distance of 25 kilometers and west to the city of Domat Al-Jandal by distance of 20 kilometers and is the site for the airport Jawf Regional 4 kilometers away. The total area of the site university city of about 7.2 million square meters in the form of form regular lengths, with a length of 4,350 meters on the regional road and about 3400 meters the other leg parallel to the road north of the site, while the side length of the site from the east about 2,200 meters and a west opposite side about 1,400 meters along.