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Vision, objectives and the message


Leadership and excellence in the areas of education, learning and conducting scientific research, including innovative contribution in the service of the community to become the University of Al-Jouf Saudi Arabia of the best universities and lead locomotive of education, scientific research and progress of civilization in the region north of the Kingdom.

Objectives of the university 

  1. To provide an appropriate scientific atmosphere for faculty members and university students.
  2. built outstanding academic programs and develop a permanent basis in line with international standards and national requirements.
  3. provide all the possibilities of human, material and organizational support necessary to the educational process for university students.
  4. to attract distinguished faculty in various disciplines and micro university to serve the educational process and to raise the level of the students.
  5. raise the level of education and learning for university students and attention Bicassaphm various skills through the adoption of appropriate educational policies.
  6. adopted admission policies for students with specific standards commensurate with the possibilities and requirements of the university community and the surrounding environment.
  7. the application of standards, policies and properties, mechanisms and practices of quality and academic accreditation at the university.
  8. Create a specialized research centers distinct faculties of the university and support all the necessary capabilities.
  9. Create a database of the research faculty at the University of Al-Jouf.
  10. to provide material and moral support to encourage faculty members to conduct scientific research and dissemination of international and international scientific conferences to participate on behalf of Al-Jouf University in international forums.
  11. contribute to the development of human Jawf region by offering excellent training programs, and advice to solve the problems of society and the environment.
  12. the number of database needs of the community and directing staff and graduates to the needs of society and the environment.
  13. involvement of the various beneficiaries of the University of Al-Jouf in the development of educational policy, research and community service.
  14. Partnership between the University of Al Jawf, Saudi universities and global excellence in various fields.
  15. community awareness educational programs and various training courses offered by the University.

Mission of the university

Aspire Jouf University to offer academic programs of high quality for the preparation of cadres distinctive to meet the needs of the community, as the university seeks to develop a nucleus for scientific research to develop and promote advancement of knowledge and participation in the service of society and the environment to the cavity so as to contribute to the nation's progress and submitted with a commitment to values ​​and norms of the Academy.