University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

Studies and Research


The Government of Saudi Arabia has given a high priority to research and science at all levels and this stems from its believe in the significance of research in developing societies and nations.

Therefore, Jouf University has given a high importance to research and made it an integral part of its vision, mission and objectives. The university rector has established a committee entitled '' The Permanent Committee for Research'' to provide plans, support and management for research, study visits, conferences and workshops.

The Permanent Committee for Research:


Jouf University seeks leadership and excellence in research tocontribute effectively in community service and civilization advancement in the northern region of the Kingdom.




Providing a stimulating environment and appropriate support to develop a nucleus for research in order to contribute in enhancing university leading role in creating solutions for to community and environment issues in general and in Al-Jouf city in particular.







Providing financial and moral support to stimulate faculty members to conduct and publish research in distinguished journals locally and internationally.

Encouraging faculty members to take part in international conferences to promote university name and the kingdom internationally.

Effective participation of faculty members in community development and advancement.

Establishing supervisory channels to conduct research in partnership with universities and specialized commissions inside and outside the kingdom.


Research Projects:

The university provides support for research in applied sciences and humanities, authorship, translation, book editing and academic sabbatical leaves in order to motivate faculty members to conduct distinguished research in various fields. This support includes financial rewards for faculty members, employees, technicians and students who took parts in research projects and it also includes the expenses to attend local and international conferences, symposiums and workshops as well as costs of necessary equipment for research purposes.  

Research proposals are validated by specialists and they are accepted or rejected based on the recommendations of those specialists and after critical review by the Permanent Committee for Research.


Research projects are divided into two divisions:

First, Student Research Projects:

These projects aim to assist students to complete graduation projects through providing financial support to buy necessary equipment and tools, technical support and academic consultations by faculty members and experts.

Each project lasts for one academic term with a maximum budget 3000 SAR. These projects contribute in identifying research tools for students and assisting them to complete their graduation projects as well as ensuring continuity of the research project, which was initiated by the faculty member and the student.


Second, Faculty Member Research Projects:


Medium Research Project:

A research project carried out by a group of researchers within 18 months maximum with a budget not exceeding 100000 SAR.

Large Research Project:

A research project carried out by a group of researchers within 36 months maximum with a budget not exceeding 150000 SAR.


Book Authorship Project:

Authorship of a book by one faculty member or more in any scientific field to be used as a reference to contribute to education and to bridge the gaps in the Arabian libraries and also to promote knowledge among community according to the university vision, message and aims.


Book Translation Project:

Translation of a specialized scientific book by one faculty member or more and using it as a reference for one of the university courses or to serve the community.

Book Editing Project:

Editing a significant book in cultural revival or identifying a science and scientists that had a role in establishing a scientific field or achieving inventions during a certain period by one faculty member or more.

Sabbatical Leave Project:

A leave given to faculty members to write a book or to conduct a research in one of the international or local research centers or universities, which have adequate expertise and capabilities.