College of Sharia and Law

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Vision and Mission of the College

The College of Sharia and Law becomes a prestigious scientific institution by:

  1. Stimulating creativity and innovation in legal education and research.
    2. Providing outstanding research outputs for the development of society.
    3. Producing qualified cadres and in legal professions and research.
    4. Developing high quality academic programs to meet the needs of the labor market.

The Message:

Providing distinguished scientific and research outputs for the development of society in Sharia and legal studies.

Overall Objective:

Be among the top ten colleges in the Kingdom in legal studies and community service. "


Strategic goals:

  1. Supporting and strengthening the institutional capacity in the college
  2. Fostering the infrastructure of the College
  3. Developing human and financial resources within the college.
  4. Developing the academic programs and curricula of the College.
  5. Developing the scientific research system of the college
  6. Complete the college graduate programs to implement the research plan of the college.
  7. Supporting partnership with the local community.

Core Values:

Based on the values ​​of our religion and Islamic culture, we believe in the following values:

Individual values: tenderness, tenderness, love, belonging, loyalty, honesty.
Corporate values: planning, quality, credibility, responsibility, creativity, community partnership.
Human values: peace, justice, mercy, freedom, equality.