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Sharia Section
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Graduate Studies

Sharia Section

Definition of Section

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, has been keen on teaching this law. It has been active since the first stages of studies. It has established specialized sections in universities and has promoted it in postgraduate programs. The Sharia Department at Al-Jouf University is one of the departments that deal with Islamic law: education and learning. Today, it embraces a number of students who are thought to be of the banner of Islamic law.

     We are pleased to present this definition in the Sharia Department at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Jouf University, in which we aspire to give a clear picture of the department: the origin, mission, vision and goals. The student and the student will also find a complete description of the units in the bachelor and master's degrees

First: About the Department

     Established the Department of Shari'a Faculty of Sharia and Law with the beginning of the independence of the college began in 1433/1434 AH0

     The Shari'a Department is working on graduating academic and legal qualifying courses with various materials that include both sides. It also works to spread Islamic culture by teaching some Islamic law in other theoretical, theoretical and applied sections.

Second: Section vision

The department has a prominent position in the field of Islamic law locally and regionally

Third: The department's message

  Preparation of qualified scientific cadres in the field of Islamic law, and meet the requirements of the labor market, and contribute to the development of society in the areas of legitimacy, legal and judicial and the establishment of the principle of national belonging

Fourth: The objectives of the department

This section aims to achieve the following objectives:

• Contribute to the provision of qualified competencies in the field of justice, teaching, legal and legal advice, investigation and prosecution, arbitration and law.

· Contribute to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market qualified qualified to work in the legitimate sectors of government or eligibility.

· Provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties to the community.

· Enriching the legal library with research and scientific and jurisprudential messages that touch upon the reality of people.

Fifth: [Study in the Department of Sharia]

1 - The Department of Sharia at the Faculty of Sharia and Law Al-Jouf University degree (bachelor) in the specialization of Sharia

And the number of years of study in this specialization (four years) divided into eight chapters, the students participate in the study in the first and second chapters with the students of the Department of Law, and begins the specialization of the third chapter in the course of Sharia

With total credit hours required to complete the program (157) hours.

law Department


Leadership and excellence in legal education and learning

Innovative scientific research and the development of Saudi society and Arab and Islamic societies.

the message:

Prepare a distinguished graduate capable of

Equal competition in the legal labor market; locally, regionally and internationally.

Overall Objective of the Law Program:

"Preparation of experts to learn and practice."

Detailed Objectives:

From the general objective, there are several detailed objectives.

الوصول Access to the levels of excellence and leadership adopted locally and internationally in the preparation and rehabilitation of graduates of law schools.

ü Encouraging scientific research in the various fields of law in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and achieving its objectives.

ü To contribute effectively to addressing the issues of the northern region of the Kingdom with enlightened and innovative scientific research.

Graduate Studies


The College grants a Master's degree in the Fiqh and Fundamentals program

As a result of the successive developments in the Kingdom in the field of scientific research and the establishment of graduate courses in various disciplines, the Department of Sharia Law Faculty of Law and Law at the University of Jouf since the beginning of the year 34/1435 e to develop a program of graduate studies in the master's degree specialization (jurisprudence and its origins), and follow-up diligently and seriously from the Deanship In addition to the full and serious desire of the University leadership, represented by its Director, Prof. Dr. Ismail Al-Bishri, the final approval of the Council of the University to establish the said program and to start the study as of the first semester of the year 35/1436 AH

(Study Plan for the Master's Program in Fiqh and its Principles)

The study plan consists of the following:

I. Courses:

A - Compulsory courses (twenty five credit hours)

  • Department of Sharia
  • Department of Law
  • Graduate Studies