College of Science and Arts in Gurayat

Dean’s Message



Dean of College of Sciences and Arts in Gurayat

Dr .Saeed Abdullah Jarallah Alghamdi



We would like to welcome you to the Site of the Faculty of Science and Arts in Gurayat, which is one of the faculties of  Jouf University. This educational institution aims to provide a convenient environment characterized by quality based on well-qualified faculty members and well equipped classrooms and labs in order to produce qualified students competent locally and regionally in the labor market.

In light of the rapid and sophisticated changes that are taking place in the world around us, parallel development has become an urgent need to cope with these challenges.

It is well known that education is the corner stone of development in all aspects of life; therefore, educational institutions are to shoulder the mission of fulfilling the vision and the goals of the country. 

We hope that the Website of our Faculty in its new dress would function as a convenient and illuminating guide to its visitors. It contains the different departments and units of the Faculty, providing means of communication between faculty members, students and administrative staff. Moreover, it displays the different activities done in this institution under the guiding instructions of his excellency the Rector of the University Professor Ismail Al-Beshry.

The Faculty aspires to lead and excel in all fields of knowledge in order to achieve the institutional academic quality and accreditation with an eye to fulfill the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom under the wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.