College of Administrative and Human Sciences

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Vision & Mission and Objectives

College Vision

To create convenient academic environment for teaching and research leading to outcomes necessary for the development of community.

College Mission

The mission of the college is to provide labor market with highly qualified cadres in administrative and human sciences through offering up to date educational programs.

College Objectives

  1. College performance should accord with the standards of the National Corporation for Quality and Academic Accreditation.
    Quality assurance and development
  2. Having a comprehensive strategic plan for the college
  3. Matching the college programs with the requirements of the labor market
  4. Assurance of quality in the entire educational process
  5. The scientific research system and the graduate studies accord with the accepted scientific norms.
  6. Enhancing partnership with the local community 

Executive objectives

  1. Getting academic accreditation
  2. Application of academic accreditation standards to all of the college programs
  3. Application of comprehensive quality standards to all of the college program
  4. Implementing the college strategic plan with at least 80% of success
  5. Bridging the gap between financial appropriations and the college needs and requirements
  6. Developing our academic programs to meet the needs of the community and the labor market
  7. Recruiting highly qualified academic staff