E - learning system


College of Humanities and Administrative Sciences

Vision and Mission

College Vision

To achieve leadership and excellence and reference in accordance with the scientific approach that combines the fundamentals of religion and the developments of the era.

College Mission

Dissemination of science in the field of administrative and humanities sciences through the adoption of programs and academic plans take into account the quality standards and accreditation for the rehabilitation of national cadres able to serve the community, and to fit the needs of the local labor market and regional levels.

College Objectives


  1. To graduate scientifically qualified students to fit the requirements of the local labor market and regional levels in various college disciplines.
  2. Preparation of scientific skills are eligible for continuing  in educational collecting in high studies.
  3. Provide a distinct academic environment to help the members of the faculty and students to achieve advanced  scientific results.
  4. Enrich and support the research activity of faculty members.
  5. Build a national and scientific cadre to be able to carry out  excellent scientific  researches.
  6. Strengthen the overall relationship with the university colleges and other community institutions.
  7. Attract high quality people locally and internationally.
  8. To hold seminars and conferences both locally and internationally.
  9. Cooperation with colleges in the corresponding national and international universities.