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College of Humanities and Administrative Sciences

The speech of the Dean

Praise be to God who taught by the pen taught man that which he doesn't know. science and work are the nation's weapon to achieve growth and excellence in all fields. And the importance of science and knowledge to contribute to the process of growth and development so the college of Administrative and Humanities Sciences was established  at  Al-Jouf  University for it's role in the rehabilitation of national cadres qualified scientifically distinct combination of the constants of religion and the developments of the era to make them  strategic leaders who can make a difference.

Our vision for this college to be overall leader in education and scientific research and community service in the region, and by virtue of the college at the beginning of its foundation has taken upon itself to confirm and consolidate the standards of quality and academic accreditation in the stage of establishment  through proper planning and organized work to achieve excellence in the quality of its human and scientific outputs .

As much as I thank the success's partners in college (faculty members, students, staff), I invite them for cooperation and unity and to work as a teamwork to achieve the mission and objectives of the College to prepare qualified and specialized national people to contribute in the service of society and make the difference in the overall development of the great nation.

And in conclusion, I extend my thanks to His Excellency the Rector of the university and vice Deans  for their support and guidance in order to achieve its goals, and ask God to be so soon.

Dr. Satam Al Shammari Dham