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Dean's Message


 The College of Pharmacy was established by approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on 26/01/1428 AH. The course duration in the College of Pharmacy is five years, including first one year of study at deanship of common first year. The graduate program at pharmacy college provides qualified pharmacists with a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences. The graduated pharmacists have many professional options such as working in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, as well as working in research centers and also contributing to community pharmacies. These pharmacists can also continue their study by joining various types of postgraduate studies such as MSc or PhD. Also, they have other options to deepen their specialized expertise through residency programs in order to gain more pharmacy knowledge and skills.


The college of pharmacy has been following up the orbit of development and modernization of the educational system in kingdom. The deanship of the college attributes great importance to the educational track, research and administrative work. Pharmacy deanship is constantly pursuing for excellence, leadership and creativity through the implementation of the criteria for self-evaluation as instructed by National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment (NCAAA). Academic evaluation and international standards for its educational and training programs as control tools on the levels of quality of academic and administrative services are strictly followed to contribute to the advancement of education and training outputs to the prestigious levels locally and internationally. All of these are derived from the vision, mission and goals of the college which are in line with the vision and mission of the university that are in consonance with Saudi Vision 2030, which is based on academic excellence in education and scientific research. This motive is by the continuous support of kingdom government and the continuous follow-up by the rector of Jouf University.


Deanship will strive to provide scientifically and professionally qualified graduates that will meet the needs of the labor market and can take responsibility and meet challenges.



Dean of the College of Pharmacy

Dr. Nasser Alotaibi