University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community


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The College of Pharmacy should become a distinguished scientific center in the fields of education, scientific research and community service.


College Mission:

The graduation of distinguished pharmacists and researchers at a highly competitive level in light of academic standards and community values to meet the needs of the local, regional and international labor market.

College values:

  • Justice and Integrity: The College is committed to the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity and cultural diversity.
  • The Secretariat: The College members are committed to honesty, respect and professional ethics.
  • Transparency: The College is committed to clarity in scientific and educational activities.
  • Quality: The College measures its performance by applying national and international standards in pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and innovation.
  • Creativity: The College creates a climate conducive to creative thinking and innovative behavior.
  • Teamwork: The College establishes a culture of collective action thinking and behavior.


  • Provide quality education and professional development for students of the College of Pharmacy.
  • Promote self-learning and commitment to continuous learning.
  • Apply the highest quality standards in education and training using the latest technology
  • To organize and promote applied research as a vital component of pharmaceutical sciences, and to communicate with local and global research centers.
  • Developing the competencies of College members to maintain the quality of teaching to raise the basic skills of all students.
  • Strengthen links between the College of Pharmacy and community development needs.