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Anatomy and Histology


The department of Anatomy would strive for the best possible & updated information & research and fostering an intellectual, conducive, healthy, ethical & professional working environment for excellence in teaching & meaningful research.


To be a renowned center for integrated & interdisciplinary teaching & research in basic & applied human anatomy, embryology & histology.


  • To make the department of Anatomy  more responsive to the needs of the students which it serves
  • To update and modify our modes and methods to be relevant to local, national, and global demands
  • To have an environment where there is peaceful coexistence of staff and students and where the highest level of discipline is maintained
  • To create an environment conducive to the promotion of sound scholarship and significantly improve the conditions of learning, research and publication.
  • To awaken all and sundry to the needs of maintenance of infrastructure, equipment, and standards.


The department deliveries all its teaching activities at the premises of the College of Medicine. Theoretical part (Lectures, PBL, seminar, TBL, ….) take place in specified rooms. Dissection sessions are conducted in DR provided with cadavers and plastinated speciemsn and other models. Histology laboratory sessions usually presented at well equipped histology lab inside the college.



During the internship and throughout his medical practice in whatever specialty, graduates will be to understand anatomical bases of medical interventions such as surgery and orthopedics. The graduates will also be ready for further specialization in anatomy and related specialization like sport and exercise medicine (SEM), clinical anatomy, physiotherapy, and forensic medicine






Hanaa Nouh



Associate Professor

Hassan Abdul Raheem Hassan

Assistant professor

BahaaEldin Ali Khaled

Assistant professor

Abdo Elsharqawi

Assistant professor


Gamal A Bakhaat

Assistant professor

Hazim Abd-Elghaffar Wahab

Assistant professor

Shaimaa Mohamed Abd- ElfattahHasn

Assistant professor