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General Surgery & Orthopedics

About the department:

To have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify the surgical problems of a patient and their management, including emergency situations, health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and follow up.



  • To provide an outstanding environment for undergraduate medical education in surgery
  • To provide a venue for continuing medical education for physicians in the area
  • To improve the health for those we serve with dedication to excellence



To be one of the most outstanding department of surgery in the region and a center of excellence for innovations in the fields of research, education, and clinical care.



  • Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course
  • Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented. (e.g. increased use of IT or web based reference material,  changes in content as a result of new research in the field)

Introduction of Problem based learning in to highlight the concept of  problem solving as a way of thinking

Education plan:

Course name

Course code

Intended students

Credit H



SURG 421

Phase III, 4th Year


9 weeks


ORTH 421

Phase III, 4th Year


4 weeks


The department delivering its theoretical part and clinical skills session inside the premises of the College of Medicine, and the clinical part and bed-side teaching usually take place in Hospital in collaboration with ministry of health.



Graduates will spend 16 months for internship period through which they will spend two months training on the general surgery. During their residence, graduates will be handle cold cases and refer emergencies. They will be ready for further specialization in surgery and its subspecialties.


Mohamed Jayed Elanezi

Associate  Prof


Naif Ibrahim alwaked


El-Sayed Mahmoud


Hany abdelfatah elhady

Assistant Professor

Saqr Elruwaily

Assistant Professor