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Alumni Affairs

Graduated Alumni Committee


  • To build bridges of relationship between college and students after graduation to contribute to building a knowledge society.

The Mission:

  • Support communication between the college and its alumni, and provide excellent services for graduates, and contribute to guide them for better clinical practice, and to support the production and dissemination of their research, and to facilitate training and continuous medical education.


  • To contribute to providing employment opportunities for graduated students in the relevant private and public sectors including the Faculty of Medicine or relevant institutions.
  • Scientific and social communication between members of the unit alumni.
  • Participation in scientific and research activities.
  • Hold development courses and specialized workshops.
  • Encourage communication between graduates each other and between the alumni and the community.
  • Support for human communication between alumni and current students.
  • Develop a mechanism for professional networking.
  • To strengthen and develop relations between the college and its graduates.
  • Alumni support academically and morally in their fields through training opportunities offered by the college.

Expected tasks:

  • The announcement of available jobs and job opportunities exist for graduates.
  • Data collection and the establishment of information rules, which include biographies of the members of the unit and dissemination within the newsletter reflects the concerns and aspirations of the News module and its employees.
  • Priority to members of the partners to participate in the business and scientific studies held by the University and other relevant sectors.
  • Professional services of graduates in a row.
  • Invitations to the university concerts and other cultural.
  • Provide the opportunity to participate in continuing education programs.
  • Support the advancement of the members of the unit from all sides.
  • Encourage pursue postgraduate studies and training courses.
  • Granting the right to use the university library services for members.
  • The right to use alumni Web site through the gate of the university.
  • Holding conferences and symposia pertaining to the graduates.


The organizational structure:

  • Abdulrahman Alduraywish (head)
  • Gomaa Mostafa Hedeab (organizer)
  • Alaa AbdElhamed Mohamed (member)
  • Saad Eldawadey (member)
Internship unit


To arrange for the best training available in Saudi Arabia for medical interns at respected hospitals and medical cities during their medical internship.


To enhance medical intern’s skills, attitudes, and professional behavior learned through the innovative undergraduate medical program.

Objectives and duties:

  • Runs administrative affairs related to medical internship program and summer Training program.
  • Deals with issues related to interns
  • Prepares an ideal training and learning environment
  • Conducts educational activities to enhance intern’s skills
  • Promotes research related to medical internship
  • Orients medical intern for future career choices and opportunities

Job description:

The Medical Internship Unit (MIU): It is responsible for the Medical program in an administrative way.  It looks after the various other activities during the internship year and prepare Internship report as well as planning future improvement of Internship training.  


Organizational structure:

  1. Diaa Ali Mahmoud Head of unit
  2. Saad Ahmed member
  3. Alaa Abdelhameed member
  4. Ibrahim Abdelkhalik member
  5. Seraj Wadat Allah member
  6. Mahrous Abdelbaset member
  7. Sultan Alseneedy secretary