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College Of Dentistry Clinics Center Statistics for the Academic Year 1438/39


The Faculty of Dentistry has received the Best Faculty Award in the field of scientific research

The Faculty of Dentistry has received the Best Faculty Award in the field of scientific research. The Dean of the College Dr.... [more]


Graduation Ceremony for students of the Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry organized the graduation ceremony of the students for the academic year 1439/38 in the presence of the... [more]


Meeting of the International Cooperation Committee at the College

The meeting of the International Cooperation Committee was held under the chairmanship of the Dean of the College and the... [more]


College students' awards in the eighth scientific forum for students

The College of Dentistry achieved first, third and fifth place in the field of health sciences (scientific posters) at the eighth... [more]


Eighth Students Scientific Meeting

Eighth students scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Dentistry, ALJouf University was conducted today. Started by the opening... [more]


European ADEE Visit

A European ADEE team visited the college and the university. They inspected the labs, clinics and correspondence of the college... [more]


Activating the latest digital device for production of dental prosthesis in the College

The latest digital device for production of dental prosthesis has been activated in the college, enabling the completion of all... [more]


The Dean reviews the course of tests at the College


The first of its kind in the region: College of dentistry succeeds in a rare operation for a girl on her thirteenth day

The Center for Consultancy Clinics at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University succeeded in conducting a rare medical operation... [more]