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For creativity and excellence in the practice of the requirements of assessment and quality and to be a leading reference body in university development and quality in higher education.


Work hard to raise the quality of the outputs of the college and the continuous pursuit of the development of teaching, learning and scientific research


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National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

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The Faculty of Dentistry has been recognized by the European Dental Education Authority, thus becoming the fourth college in the Kingdom to receive this recognition, which demonstrates the excellence of the College and the achievement of all international standards in quality and dental education. The delegation of European recognition, which visited the college on 18-21 February 2018, praised several aspects of the college, including: its commitment to the highest standards of higher education, the implementation of comprehensive education that ensures the quality of its outputs, From educational and service aspects, and these facilities are hardly found in most of the faculties of dentistry in European countries, The faculty of laboratories and research laboratories equipped with high levels of international, comparable to even more than in most developed European countries, and the educational resources available to students in the college are very excellent, and motivating them to learn and practice the best.