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College of Applied Medical Sciences

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Vision & Mission and Objectives


To develop healthy services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cope match the international standard and  to satisfy the needs of the society.


To produce a great number of skilled graduates in the field of medical sciences capable to compete and work  in the business market.


The College of Applied Medical Sciences puts ahead a number of objectives, including:       

  1. Qualify individuals capable of working and competing in various fields of Applied Medical Sciences.
  2. Prepare students to keep track of latest scientific findings in the field of Applied Medical Sciences.
  3. Instruct the students to implement medical service standards and improve their professional skills in dealing with the patients and their families, as well as the whole medical staff.
  4. Contribute to community service through providing training courses and educational programs.
  5. Contribute to the body of scientific research related to Applied Medical issues in AlJouf region in particular and the whole Kingdom in general.
  6. Improve educational programs in accordance with Academic Accreditation to meet the needs of labor market.
  7. Involve different beneficiaries of the College in the process of developing and improving scientific programs.​