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College of Applied Medical Sciences

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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To develop healthy services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cope match the international standard and  to satisfy the needs

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To produce a great number of skilled graduates in the field of medical sciences capable to compete and work  in 

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The College of Applied Medical Sciences puts ahead a number of objectives, including:       

  1. Qualify individuals capable of working and competing in various fields of Applied Medical Sciences.
  2. Prepare students to

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College Statistics

College of Applied Medical Sciences


Students (male)


Students (female)


Final exams for the second semester 1439/1440


The final exams for the second semester of the...



College of Applied Medical Sciences (Girls section) celebrates its female students

With the end of the academic year 39-1440 H and on the day of the homeland of the timeless girls celebrated on Monday, 10/8/1440 e with its staff and students where Dr. Salaam Al-Sharari, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences honored a group of students after providing science and knowledge to participate in community services, and also pleased at this ceremony honored the heads of departments and coordinators of units and members of the faculty and administration staff



The College of Applied Medical Sciences, AlJouf University, was founded following the approval granted by 

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كلمة عميد الكلية

في عصرنا الحاضر يكثر الحديث عن حقوق المواطن وضرورة احترام مبدأ المواطنة وهذا امر محمود و لانختلف عليه حيث أن الدول تصنف من حيث

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