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The Community College:

The Establishment of the Community College in Skaka:

The Community College was opened in the academic year 1423-1424 AH in Skaka. At the beginning, it was affiliated with the Ministry of Education. Later, on 23/3/1428 AH, it became a part of Al-Jouf University in accordance with the High Resolution No. 3030 / M B.  Later, according to the former decision, The Community College (Sections of male students) was established in Skaka in the academic year 1431/1432 AH to become a part of Al-Jouf University, in order to meet the needs of the region of disciplines offered by the college, English Language and computer science. Introduction of new departments will be, by Allah's willing, according to the needs of the community of different disciplines.

The college offers its programs through two paths:

ï؟½ The Qualifying Path: to rehabilitate the students to join the labor market after two years of study (the degree of diploma).

ï؟½ The Transition Path: This allows students to continue their studies to obtain a bachelor's degree.