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Dean's Message

In the Name of Allah and praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and those who followed his guidance!

The Community College is one of the promising colleges of Al-Jouf University. It was established to meet the increasing needs of the labor market. The college includes two departments providing two qualifying and transitional academic programs. These programmes enable the college to achieve its objectives of qualifying secondary school graduates for the job market, and provide an opportunity for students to complete their studies for the bachelor's degree from the corresponding academic departments of the other faculties of the university, and thus provide them with the opportunity to pursue graduate studies after the Bachelor.

In addition, the Community College contributes to providing students with knowledge, skills and values ​​that help them to work efficiently and effectively. It also contributes its faculty members and researchers to the scientific research in some fields. The college provides some training and scientific programs through the Community Service Center in accordance with the needs of the community region. All this is to participate actively in maintaining the identity of the society according to our belief, values ​​and ingrained habits derived from our tolerant religion. The College also encourages the use of cultures of other nations and future developments that are not in contradiction with those constants, while maintaining our belonging to our religion, belief, principles, culture, language and heritage.

Also, the College follows the university’s strategy of building the system of the Total Quality in order to achieve the academic accreditation including the quality of excellence. Achieve the academic accreditation helps it to reach the global leadership development in all fields -by Allah’s help and support.  In this occasion, we are all proud of the administrators, teaching staff, and technicians who highly contributed to the process of establishing this college and who work efficiently and effectively to develop it.

At the end of my speech, I am pleased to congratulate our students, faculty members and technicians to belong to this scientific edifice. I recommend them to fear Allah in secret and in public and make science and knowledge besides Allah's fear their way and their path in life to serve the community. I assure them that the Community College at the University of Al-Jouf and faculty members and all its employees are making their best and maximum effort to provide the students a suitable educational atmosphere in order to achieve the lofty goals which the college was established for.

D. Al-Shammari, Gharbi Marji
Dean of the College Community