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Skakah Community College 

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Establishment of the College

 The Skaka Community College has been established to meet the needs of the labor market of the specializations it offers to its students. It includes a number of sections and programs of academic qualification that enable it to achieve its objectives. The college provides an opportunity to those students wishing to complete their bachelor's degree from different corresponding academic departments and colleges in the university.

The college contributes in providing the students with the knowledge, skills and values ​​that qualify them to work efficiently and effectively. This is in addition to the contribution of the faculty members in the fields of scientific research according to their specialties. The college provides number of training and academic programs at community service Deanship at the university according to the needs of the local community in Al-Jouf region. These programs have been provided under the constants of legitimacy, values ​​and traditions established derived from the teachings of our tolerant Sharia with the preservation and affiliation to our language and heritage, the culture of other nations and developments that do not contradict those constants.

The community college in Skaka was opened in the academic year 1423/1424. The programs were provided at the girls’ section (the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences - Computer Program) where it was affiliated to the Ministry of Education, and then attached to Al Jouf University under the approval of the Royal High Order by telegram No.2030/MB dated 23/3/1428 on the decision of the Council of Higher Education demanding to join the colleges of Teachers Colleges and Education and Community Colleges in the region to the university. A restructuring of the college was approved within the framework of the restructuring of Teacher Colleges and Girls' colleges attached to Jouf University within the Minutes of the Higher Education Council No. (50) dated 10/7/1429 and accordingly the college includes the following scientific departments:

·         Department of Humanities and Administration Sciences

·         Department of English Language

·         Department of Natural and Applied Sciences

·         Department of Applied and Medical Sciences

The general admission in the departments of male students started in the first semester of the academic year 1431/1432 in the specialization of English language and in computer science (the transitional track) for male and female students. In addition to this, the college developed of a qualifying program in Human Resources Management in the Department of Administrative and Human Sciences, the first batch of students was received in the first semester of the academic year 1434/1435. The college implemented a qualifying program in the financial management from the first semester of the academic year 1435/1436 AH. The program aims at qualifying a number of students who will be able to work in the field of financial management and strengthen administrative, managerial and financial capabilities in governmental and private institutions. with God willing, other qualifying programs in the college will be introduced in the next years according to the needs of the local community in the region.